Why Malo?

Girl or boy - the choice was already made for a long time, I wanted a name with a story behind.

I myself, mommy of Malo, am French. my city of origin is Malo-les-Bains and I have always found this to be magnificent for a first name, so it was obvious.

Why l'armoire de Malo?

For all these simple and pretty things that I like to make him wear. The desire to share what I like most in his "wardrobe", these unique and personalised clothes.

Our idea

Highly motivated and fascinated about what I started doing, resulted in finding my new passion. Loving the Idea of creating and designing unique clothing for my little one so much, I want to share my passion with you and your loved ones as well.

All this goes hand in hand with Malo, being able to work from home and make the most of it whilst being there for him. Seeing him grow up and not missing out on any of his milestones and of those precious 'first moments', his first moments with us only.

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